Clean up your mind and brighten your future!
Are you looking to Improve your life personally and/or professionally?

Do you feel stuck and unsure of which direction to go in?
Are you looking for an easier and more fulfilling life?
What would it be like to feel happier, content and have more energy?
Imagine if you could use more of your potential, how would that be?

Hi, I’m Tania and I’m looking forward to hosting an insightful and powerful workshop. Come and join me for a fun, fulfilling, nurturing and inspirational day.

Learn the top 5 secrets of:
How to fine tune your mind,
Boost your energy,
Unlock your unlimited potential,
Live happily in the present and Brighten your future.

Create a life and vision that you choose and is also for the good of everyone.

The workshop is going to be held at a beautiful and cosy venue, details as follows: Saturday 9th NovemberThe Heal Klinikken
Address: Skagenloftet 18, 4006 Stavanger (next to Hansen Hjørnet)

Start time: to (there will be plenty of rest breaks)
Price: 1750 NOKLunch, drinks and snacks are included.

To book your place at the workshop please send your payment via vipps at HEAL Norway.
BOOK YOUR PLACE ASAP! By paying 1750 NOK to vipps 127412. Please mark your payment NOVEMBER WORKSHOP. Payment must be made by October 20th latest (Only 20 spaces available, so hurry!)

If you have any questions, contact Taking time out for you is important and creates a lot of value. I very much look forward to meeting you and sharing a nourishing and powerful day together.